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Innovative solutions

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Inexpensive and flexible packaging solutions with individual design possibilities for a great look and feel.

Pouch packaging types

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With SN, you get your customized horizontal FFS or FS pouch packaging machine and dosing systems.

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SN Maschinenbau GmbH Bahnstrasse 27 51688 Wipperfuerth / Germany

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SN Maschinenbau GmbH

We produce custom-made form, fill and seal pouch-packaging machines for almost any pouch shape and content.

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SN Vaccination Center opened

SN Vaccination Center opened
In cooperation with our company medical service "RescueService GmbH", Marienheide, we have set up a vaccination center on our premises. We want to actively support the fight against the coronavirus.
All SN employees (including temporary workers and temps) were offered the chance to be voluntarily vaccinated. Almost 90 SN employees took advantage of this opportunity and have now received their first vaccination with the BioNTech active ingredient. The second vaccinations will take place on July 23.
This means that approx. 80% of our workforce will have achieved full vaccination protection status by mid-August 2021. This figure implicates also people who have been vaccinated from family doctors or other vaccination centers, for example.
But at SN, we are always thinking "outside the box": in collaboration with RescueService, we allow other companies and small businesses to use our vaccination center. Depending on the amount of vaccine available, vaccination appointments will be held repeatedly at our company in the coming weeks. Another group will also benefit from this: as part of our holistic approach, we are allways thinking of the direct relatives of our workforce. We are able to make an offer of vaccination to all relatives from the common households who are willing to be vaccinated. Again, as soon as vaccine is available, it will be promptly administered to those eligible.
We are confident that our commitment will help to significantly reduce the restrictions caused by the global pandemic until autumn.

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We are the manufacturer of horizontally operating FFS and FS rotary pouch packaging machines. Whether pharmaceutical products, food, pet food, cosmetics, drinks or household products: SN machines pack almost everything – even seeds and dairy products.