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Innovative and customized solutions exemplify our flexible range of services.

Innovative solutions

Pouch packaging types

Inexpensive and flexible packaging solutions with individual design possibilities for a great look and feel.

Pouch packaging types

Pouch packaging machines

With SN, you get your customized horizontal FFS or FS pouch packaging machine and dosing systems.

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SN Maschinenbau GmbH Bahnstrasse 27 51688 Wipperfuerth / Germany

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SN Maschinenbau GmbH

We produce custom-made form, fill and seal pouch-packaging machines for almost any pouch shape and content.

Brief description

FBM 30 – FBM 33 / FBM 40 – FBM 44 (rotary, forming, filling and sealing machine)

The FBM 30 – FBM 33 / FBM 40 – FBM 44 pouch packaging machines are intermittently operating rotary machines with high output ranges. On an 8-station rotary table the machines produce flat or stand-up pouches from a roll stock which can be filled with products of different consistencies. Of course also re-closing systems can be integrated on these machines, as well.

Depending on the version, product type and pouch sizes, the packaging machines of the FMB 30 – FBM 44 generation produce up to 400 perfect pouches per minute.


Food, Pet Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Nonfood, Household, Personal Care.

Flexible possible applications

  • Duplex and Triplex
  • 8 stations for the multi flexible use of filling systems and additional equipment (e.g. Nitrogen gassing)
  • Fully developed servo drives
  • Servo driven sealing systems
  • Up to 20% savings of packaging material by using thinner foil
  • Easy access for operators
  • Compact, modular design
  • Dosing systems: Slide doser, auger doser, scales, micro doser for smallest volumes, rotary and valve pump doser, flow meter systems
  • Hygienic design and easy cleaning
  • Central operation and visualization on touch panel
  • Synchronization with linear and multi-head scales



Technical details FBM 30 - FBM 33 / FBM 40 - FBM 44


FBM 30 321


FBM 33 325


FBM 40 416


FBM 44 421


Pouch size [mm]

Width 50 - 93 (1001))

Length 70 - 210

Width 80 - 115 (1301))

Length 120 - 250

Width 40 - 72

Length 70 - 160

Width 70 - 93

Length 80 - 210

Machine output

up to 300*

up to 300*

up to 400*

up to 400*


* depending on filling characteristics and pouch size

Packing material

sealable laminated film


Standard to process dry products

Optional wash down construction

Safety equipment

Acc. to the international safety regulations e.g. CE , UL, CSA, OSHA

Electricity power [kVA]

ca. 15 - 20 2)

Electricity supply

3 x 400/230V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz

Voltage [V]

400 / 230 / 24

Air consumption

ca. 650 Nl/min, 6 bar 2)

ca. 500 Nl/min, 6 bar 2)

Machine dimensions

L x W x H [mm]

ca. 6.100 x 2.350 x 2.200 2)

1) Available on request. 2) Depending on configuration. Technical modifications reserved.

Standard equipment

Optinal equipment

Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)

Date Code Systems

Cutting and gluing table

Wash down construction

Film edge control

Ultrasonic sealing

Motor driven roll lifting unit

Reclosure systems

Central Operation and convenient process control

Recipe management

PLC Siemens or Allen Bradley

Reversed image construction


Further details on request

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We are the manufacturer of horizontally operating FFS and FS rotary pouch packaging machines. Whether pharmaceutical products, food, pet food, cosmetics, drinks or household products: SN machines pack almost everything – even seeds and dairy products.