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Innovative and customized solutions exemplify our flexible range of services.

Innovative solutions

Pouch packaging types

Inexpensive and flexible packaging solutions with individual design possibilities for a great look and feel.

Pouch packaging types

Pouch packaging machines

With SN, you get your customized horizontal FFS or FS pouch packaging machine and dosing systems.

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SN Maschinenbau GmbH Bahnstrasse 27 51688 Wipperfuerth / Germany

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SN Maschinenbau GmbH

We produce custom-made form, fill and seal pouch-packaging machines for almost any pouch shape and content.

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New Machines immediately available & Rebuilt, Second Hand Machines

When you want it immediately: SN offers a great pool of completely overhauled FFS and FS packaging machines which can be retrofitted quickly to meet your immediate requirements. Leasing or buying?

Your SN contact will be happy to inform you about currently available packaging machines and all possible options.

New Machines immediately available


    Dosing unit: Micro doser MD2 and roundpot doser RTV

    Kind of pouch: Pre-fabricated paper pouch, pre-fabricated sealable foil pouch

    Pouch format:

    Width: 50 - 150 mm

    Height: 70 - 220 mm

    Product: Seeds

    Capacity: Up to 85 pouches per minute

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We are the manufacturer of horizontally operating FFS and FS rotary pouch packaging machines. Whether pharmaceutical products, food, pet food, cosmetics, drinks or household products: SN machines pack almost everything – even seeds and dairy products.